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Whether you want to lose weight, have fun, or just learn something new, our trained instructors will help you every step of the way. 

Students will learn the same values of Taekwondo while facing a more rigorous training.  Men, women, teens, and adults will build character while challenging themselves both mentally and physically. Students will practice  blocks, strikes, kicks, and combinations while learning discipline, perseverance, and self-control. 

The Adult Taekwondo class is designed for men and women ages 16+, and offers basic and intermediate concepts of self-defense.  

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Benefits for Adults


Studies have shown practicing martial arts reduces stress in a few ways. 1. The class itself provides a focus for your mind to concentrate on instead of those stubborn worries. 2. Exercise creates those happy endorphins that keep you going. 3. Breathing exercises create a calming effect that relaxes the mind. 


We all know an increase in physical activity will increase your weight loss, but there are many other physical benefits you will experience. Taekwondo also increases your flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance. Losing a few pounds is just a bonus!


Taekwondo will increase your confidence in a couple of ways. Your personal accomplishments and physical fitness will boost your confidence in everyday life.


Discipline is making right choice even when a bad choice is present. You have to exercise discipline just like a muscle to get good at it. Making positive decisions has a snowball effect which will carry over to other aspects in your life. 


By improving your physical fitness, reducing your stress, and increasing confidence, you will find motivation to continue improving yourself in all aspects. 


By reducing your stress, improving your health, building confidence, exercising discipline ,and finding motivation, you will begin to develop peace of mind.