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Youth Taekwondo (AGES 4-14)

Class Information

At Chung Do Black Belt Academy, all children are treated equally, and no one is left behind.  Whether your child needs help with physical fitness, confidence, or just wants to have fun, our trained instructors will help them perform to their fullest potential. 

The Junior Taekwondo class is designed for children ages 4-15, and teaches basic concepts in self-defense through simple blocks, strikes, kicks, and combinations.  

With guidance from our trained instructors, children will challenge themselves by developing physical strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and self-defense.  They will also work as a group to teach each other valuable life skills in respect, discipline, integrity, and self-control. 

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Youth Taekwondo Benefits


Your child will participate in active listening with their instructors on the first day which gradually increases their attention span.  With extra practice focusing their attention during the week, your child will become conditioned to apply their focus at school and at home.  


We all know an increase in physical activity will increase your weight loss, but there are many other physical benefits your child will achieve. Taekwondo also increases balance, coordination, and endurance. 


With an increase in physical fitness and weight loss, your child will also become more confident. Confidence is the key to your child's success not just in Taekwondo, but also in their future


Your child will begin learning respect for other people on the first day. This is demonstrated through simply obeying the instructor. Although it may seem small, teaching your child respect at an early age is critical in developing a well-rounded foundation for their future both professional and personally. 


Instructors will teach your child what they should and should not be doing, both in and out of the classroom.  With practice and conditioning, your child will do begin doing what they're supposed to without instruction, and will eventually apply this practice to situations at home and school. 


Taekwondo teaches your child how to remain calm and keep their cool during overwhelming or stressful situations.  Instructors will help students learn to gauge when it is appropriate to react or take a step back, then learn to apply those concepts at home, at school, and in their future.